The Cosmic Shift

The Great Shift in Planetary Consciousness

Despite a wide ranging diversity of beliefs amongst ancient cultures throughout the world, all seem to agree on one thing; we are currently in the midst of a great shift in planetary consciousness. By now you no doubt have heard of the doomsday fear mongering surrounding the completion of the re-calibrated Mayan calendar in 2012. Like the History Channel, Hollywood is capitalizing on the 'end of times' concept in relation to this time period with Roland Emmerich's newest blockbuster, "2012" which came to theaters in November of 2009. Emmerich has an affinity for the 'end of times' genre of films as he also directed "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow".

Even though Emmerich does base his newest movie on a well respected 'pole shift' theory, there's no indication that the end of the latest round of the long-count of the Mayan calendar portends to the 'end of times'. Instead, even according to the Mayans themselves, this point in time merely reveals an important shift in planetary consciousness toward an awakening of truth. According to the Mayan’s, we are about to end one great cycle and to begin a new one. Think of it as a graduation for the Earth and as something that deserves to be celebrated, not feared.

In fact, the word ‘apocalypse’ which is often used as a fearful way of referring to the 'end of times', is actually a Greek word that means ‘unveiling’. And this current time is an apocalypse but not in the popularized negative sense; instead this current time is an unveiling of truth.

Just as Toto removed the curtain to reveal the truth about the Wizard, we too are being shown the reality of power. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s companions came to the realization that the great Wizard was nothing more than a deceitful and fearful human and that their own personal power had always resided within. The same is true for us. As the truth unveils itself into our awareness, all untruths are passing away and we are finding ourselves having to see things for what they actually are for the first time.

If we cling to the untruths, then we perceive our current lives as ‘falling apart’. We perceive this in the form of lost jobs, foreclosures, a depleting environment, and anything else that we think defines our sense of self and safety. The truth is that we are not our jobs and we are not our homes but we are much more. It is only through this process of facing untruths that we are given the opportunity to see the real truth.

On a larger scale, the collapse of our financial systems and our environment, for example, are revealing to us that the underlying assumptions upon which we base our concept of progress are flawed. Banks based on irresponsible lending practices are falling apart and politicians who had always maintained a state of control and corruption over the masses are being revealed to the light of day. Businesses practices that have had a history of depleting resources and drastically altering eco-systems are being forced to change their practices. Even in sports, it is being revealed that steroids have played a large part in the productivity of some of the most beloved players. Finally, the modern medical practices of mechanically imposing copious regimens of pharmaceuticals as a way of improving physical health are being revealed as more of a method of staving off physical death than actually incorporating all of the balancing components of true health.

In short, all that is not based in truth is falling away. Because of this collapse in our sense of reality, the collective is more open to the authentic truth than ever before. I believe that this is one of the most exciting times to be alive. It is offering us an opportunity to see ourselves for who and what we really are. If we choose to take it, this time is offering us a chance to step into our truth both individually and collectively. 

Science and the Shift


Are there current scientific indications of a physical shift in the energy field of the Earth? The simple answer is: YES.

The Earth, like all other planetary bodies, has an electromagnetic field surrounding it due to the energy flow between the north and south poles. This electromagnetic field protects the Earth from incoming solar fluxes and, on a metaphysical level (i.e. mental, emotional, etc.), contains the collective thought patterns (i.e. reality) of the people on the Earth. The existing electromagnetic pattern can be thought of as the TV channel that we have been stuck on for thousands of years with the same programs showing over and over again.

For decades now, scientists have been aware that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is weakening…and this weakening is accelerating. The scientific community responds to this weakening with question marks. It is assumed that this weakening will either reverse on its own eventually or that the field will weaken to a point where the charges at the Earth’s poles actually switch (north becomes south and vice versa). Either way, they have nothing with which to work except speculation in terms of the repercussions of such a shift. What are the repercussions of changing the TV channel of Earth? Could the programs on this new channel define our new collective reality? Or could the weakening field combine with a nasty solar storm predicted by scientists for around 2012 to create a physical pole shift of the Earth like Emmerich portrays in his new movie?

In recent times, science is beginning to see the significance of electromagnetic fields in, not only planets, but in humans and other living things as well. In fact, electromagnetic frequencies (commonly referred to as EMF) associated with power lines and cell phones have been linked to cancer and other health issues in humans. These illnesses are perhaps due to the disruption in those individual’s electromagnetic fields as a result of the interference from power lines, cell phones, etc. With damage to our protective field, illness results.

As I write this, our solar system is crossing over a significant band of energy that stretches from one end of our Milky Way galaxy to the other. This band is comprised of non-polarized electromagnetic energy which has been referred to as the ‘photon belt’, the ‘electromagnetic null zone’ or the ‘zero-point energy field’ depending on the source of the information. 

I consider this zone to be the culprit in the current weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field and one of the physical harbingers of the current shift occurring on our planet. It makes perfect sense that our Earth’s electromagnetic field would weaken toward neutral (zero) in response to entering a zone of neutral polarity.

Our solar system and all of the planets within it are gradually crossing through this null zone with the peak 20-year period occurring roughly from 2015-2035. While the most intense physical shifts can be expecting during that time, the general period of transition commenced several decades ago (since ~1950) and will continue for several more decades to come (until ~2100). Our solar system crosses this electromagnetic null-zone twice within every complete revolution around the center of our galaxy. One revolution around our galaxy takes approximately ~216 million years meaning that it has been ~108 million years since the last time our solar system has crossed this zone. When you consider that archeology tells us that the first upright primates arose on the Earth just over 4 million years ago, our current time becomes an exceedingly rare time to be alive.

In addition to the rarity of the alignment of our solar system with the galactic center, Earth itself is also completing its precession cycle. This is a cycle where the north pole of the Earth wobbles around its center about every ~26,000 years. Relative to the Earth, the Sun is now also aligned with the galactic center (exactly aligned on the winter solstice in 1998 but is considered to be 'aligned' every winter solstice from 1980-2016) on the winter solstice. It is a prevailing myth that the winter solstice (Dec 21) of 2012 is the only date of this alignment. Without speculating on what this all means, it’s easy to see that we are living in astronomically rare times. I believe that these physical alignments represent our transference into a new reality (i.e. a new TV frequency or channel).

As we enter an electromagnetic null zone, our planet’s field weakens enough to allow a shift in the overall pattern of the Earth's electromagnetic energy field. This may translate to a shift in our old collective thought patterns which can then be released and updated according to the authentic truth. I believe this is a time of opportunity and the birth of a new reality based on truth; an apocalypse (unveiling) of truth.

As we awaken, it becomes useful to discover our own truth as individuals and how our individual truth fits in with the collective. Over the past several years, this shift in planetary consciousness has been occurring and many people are finding a need to connect with their own inner truth. I believe this is in direct parallel to, or in synchronicity with, the current physical shifts. Because of this, many people (including myself) have turned to tools and guidance in their awakening process. My primary tool for discovery over the last several years has been the ancient art of Astrology.

For more information related to science and the shift please check out Nick Anthony Fiorenza's website on "The Sacred Geometry of Global Change".

Astrology and the Shift

In general, the outer planetary movements over the next several years (2008-2016 and beyond) indicate ‘new beginnings’ rather than endings. I say this because of the heavy outer planetary activity occurring in the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs represent ‘initiation’ or ‘birthing’. However, these new beginnings will undoubtedly involve rapid and drastic change from the norm which will require new adjustments in relations (Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra). These adjustments could be perceived as losses and/or endings (Pluto in Capricorn squaring both Uranus and Saturn) to anyone that is attempting to hold onto the old structures.

Put simply, Pluto represents transformation and Capricorn represents societal structures and authorities. Just taking this piece of the puzzle into account by itself is enough to suggest that big changes are on their way. Pluto entered Capricorn most recently in 2008 and will be in that sign (according to the tropical zodiac) until about 2024. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762-1778 and the time before that was from 1516-1532.

Since nothing of historic notability occurred during those times that we can relate to drastic transformations in the societal structures of the world then I guess the same can be said for the current times. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the beginning of the end for the British Empire and the beginning of 'freedom' as we know it in 1776. Damn. And I forgot all about the Protestant Reformation that began when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Thesis onto the church in 1517, essentially transforming forever one of the biggest empires that has ever existed...the Christian Empire.

The point is that these are just a couple of examples and in both cases the ripple effects of these actions are still being felt today. Not exactly minor happenstance. So what CAN we expect over the next decade and a half? That's difficult to say but I think you get the idea. The superpower that exists today (i.e. USA) is highly unlikely to maintain its global status as we know it.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing when you realize that we are ONLY talking about Pluto in Capricorn here and there are many other aspects of note for this time period. I think we can expect a major transformation of power and authority on a global scale but I am optimistic that the USA's new role will better suit it anyway.

Inside-the-box thinking would lead most to conclude that this transformation MUST mean that some other country will defeat the US in a great war. But this thinking doesn't take into account how a shift in reality changes the playing field. Not knowing exactly how this transformation will transpire, I have a hunch that we will be pleasantly surprised!

I think that Eric Meyers, M.A. does a fantastic job of summarizing some of the planetary movements and their implications in his brief article, “2008-2012: Impending Tidal Waves”, on his personal website. If you are interested please have a look. If some of this astrological jargon confuses you then please check out my explanation of astrology as well as some astrology basics to help you wrap your head around this stuff. If it is confusing to you, don't worry because you are not alone...this stuff can get pretty complicated!

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