*Special Events*

Parties - Gatherings - Special Events
(group rates & per/person rates available)

-Bridal Showers/Wedding Receptions
-Birthday Parties
-Office Parties
and more!

Special events can function much like the family dynamics analysis but with more of a fun and laid back atmosphere. Think of it like a Friar’s Club roast :). Based on the natal charts for some featured individuals I can highlight some characteristics and some relationship dynamics between individuals in a light-hearted and playful manner. If people drop their defenses and approach this type of reading with an open mind (and a few drinks), it can create a very entertaining evening!

Also, I provide one-on-one readings if this is more in line with the interests of the group. This can also include a combination of brief individual astrological analysis along with Rune Stones and Tarot Cards as compliments to the brief astrological analysis.