Conscious Self

Natal Chart Analysis


This is a thorough and comprehensive overview of an individual’s core intentions, life challenges/growth and unique talents based on their birth time and place. This is also often referred to as the ‘birth chart’ and all other astrological consultations use the natal chart as the starting point. With it, I cover everything from personal unconscious tendencies to past life karma with an intention of uncovering your unconscious motivations and imparting you with wisdom so that you can regain empowerment over your own life choices.

With this consultation you can walk away with a higher consciousness of your life intentions as well as a better grasp of the unconscious motivations that block you from achieving these intentions. Learning how to gain control over your unconscious responses can be a very powerful experience toward aligning with your inner truth!

Conscious Relocation Analysis

$80 for 1 location (+$20 per additional, max=3)

Planning a move? Traveling? If you have one or more locations to which you are contemplating a move or a visit, this reading can help you understand the types of growth and experiences that you may expect while in these places. The reading is not intended to decide for you where you should visit or move to, but instead offers insight into how these places may assist or challenge you in terms of your life intentions. With this insight, the choice is yours.


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