Conscious Relationship

Conscious Relationship Analysis


Astrological compatibility goes far beyond simple comparisons of Sun-signs between two individuals. Assessing the true compatibility of two individuals astrologically involves investigating both the potential for openness and the potential for blockage toward love in each individual.

It is also only through conscious awareness of our differences in terms of values, romantic approach, and communication style that we can begin to accept one another in the form of “relationship.”

Based on the natal charts of two individuals, I assess the dynamics between them in terms of attraction, projection and opportunities for growth. I also analyze the couple in terms of their collective energy using what is known as the Composite chart. This chart looks at the relationship as a  3rd entity; separate from the individuals that form the pair. This chart can be thought of as a ‘user manual’ for the relationship and offers insight into the unique dynamics that exist within the couple in question. 

If both individuals are open to it, this can be a very powerful tool for growth and healing. This consultation is NOT for finding out if someone is your soul mate but instead is a tool to assess how to work constructively with the existing dynamics within the relationships that you choose. Deciding on with whom to spend the rest of your life is always your choice.

*This analysis is NOT just for couples or newlyweds! It can be designed to analyze siblings, co-workers, friends, business partners, parent-child, deceased family/friends etc. just to name a few combinations!

See brief sample write-up here!