Conscious Relationship

Astrological compatibility in families goes far beyond simple comparisons of Sun-signs between two individuals. Assessing true compatibility involves investigating both the potential for openness and the potential for blockage toward love in each individual.

It is only through conscious awareness of our differences in terms of values,  approach, and communication style that we can begin to accept one another in the form of "relationship."

In this interactive workshop I assisted attendees in uncovering their unconscious preferences and styles in relationships and to learn how to build their relationships 'in love' rather than 'in fear'.

See YouTube playlist from the interactive workshop at the link below:

Conscious Relationships Workshop Playlist

Group Dynamics

Based on the natal charts of the individual family members, I will help the family to understand the underlying dynamics between them. This is entertaining as well as illuminating and allows the family members to take ownership and responsibility for their family role and for their own unconscious projections onto each other. If everyone involved is open to it, this can be a very powerful tool for growth and healing.

"It's possible to be completely enlightened... except with your family." ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Conscious Parenting

This is essentially a natal chart analysis for a child (age 7 and under) that assists parents of young children in understanding the unique dynamics of their children so that they can consciously co-create appropriate relationships rather than simply enforcing unconscious preconceived notions of parent/child relationships. It is intended to be presented to the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a young child and can be used by them to gain conscious insight into the child’s unique talents and unique personal unconscious needs. It can also be thought of as a ‘user manual’ for maximizing the child’s potential and navigating the more challenging aspects of parenting the unique child in question.

See brief sample write-up here!

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