Conscious Business

Reinvesting in YOU is the best investment that you will ever make for yourself! Making the decision to venture into the market as a small business owner to pursue your passion is a very courageous step in your own grow
th process. To ensure that you engage in this transition from employee to business owner in the most conscious way possible, you may want to consider investing in a Conscious Business Owner package!

It can make the difference between leaping toward your dreams OR starting out blindly!

Services can include any of the following:

Company Wellness
- Chart analysis for the business owner
- Charts for business partners & other employees
- Team building and assessment exercises
- Stress reduction and energy restoration tools

Business Transparency
- Basic business planning
- Clear transparency vision statement (Why -How-What)
- Charts for key business milestone dates (When)
- Target marketing (Who)

Social Responsibility/Sustainability
- Sustainability performance & education

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For a suite of Conscious Business Advising services and tools  for already established small businesses, please visit
Conscious Business for the New Economy...