Applied Astrology

Service Disclaimer

I treat my clients as 'whole beings' and my services reflect this approach. Specific questions can certainly be asked and answered during a session. However, it is important to me that my clients first want to gain an understanding of themselves and then to view their current situation with regards to that new understanding of the self. Without this self-understanding as the base for the information that I am providing, any answers to specific questions on their own are less useful to the client. Therefore, I only offer more comprehensive services which are listed on this website rather than simple question/answer services on their own (Special Events are the only exception) for new clients. For returning clients who have already gained an understanding of themselves in terms of their Natal Chart, more specific service packages can be arranged that fall outside of the prescriptive service offerings featured on this website.

My consultations are not intended to diagnose illnesses or to choose your marriage partners, careers, or places of residence for you. They are intended to provide you with insight, wisdom, and guidance so that you may be more conscious of yourself and make more conscious life choices for your life in the present moment. While the timing of future opportunities may be revealed to you during a consultation, ultimately, YOU are the director of your own life story.  

Also, note that Astrology is a tool for deepening our understanding and NOT a tool to increase our level of control in our lives or within the lives of others. With the exception of the Child Potential Analysis which is designed to be presented to the parent(s) of the child, I will not conduct a consultation for any individual attempting to receive insight on another party who has not given their permission to be investigated more deeply through Astrology or any other form of divination through which I may practice. I refuse to compromise the privacy of an uninformed party.

"...sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, that there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path." - Morpheus (The Matrix)